Pot Holes - Glade Park

Pot Holes Swimming Area

 Just like the lemon squeezers, there's a few different natural swimming areas around Grand Junction known as the pot holes. We know of at least three different places within 30 miles of Grand Junction that are all known by this name. They are all Great Swimming Areas that are all naturally made of sand stone carved out over thousands of years. For this particular blog post we will start off with probably the most famous potholes up above the Colorado National Monument approx. 10 miles West of Glade Park.

Almost like clockwork the potholes make the Daily Newspaper every year, but not for the reasons you might imagine. On average, at least one person gets killed up here every year. Last year two people lost their lives.

Please use Extreme Caution if you decide to go cliff jumping at the Pot Holes. PLEASE do not bring any glass bottles and "DO NOT JUMP" in the spring time run-off when water levels are high. It not only looks like a giant spinning washing machine that time of year, "It Is".

Directions to the Potholes:

From Grand Junction at the corner of 1st and Grand ave. head East towards the Redlands. Grand ave. turns into Broadway once you cross over the Colorado River. Take your first left at the light after crossing the river onto Monument Road. Approx. 100 yards right after you go over the canal bridge is D road.

At this point you can either take a left on D road and follow it all the way up Little Park road and past Bangs Canyon or keep going up Monument Road (AKA Glade Park Road) towards the National Monument. If you choose to go up to Glade Park through the Colorado National Monument you'll run into the Park Service pay station. It now costs $10 per vehicle to enter the National Monument unless you tell them your going to Glade Park. Both ways have extraordinary views and several other outdoor activities along the way. Going up the Monument is the shortest route getting to the Pot Holes.

Once you enter the Colorado National Monument keep going a few miles until you see the turn off for Cold Shiver's Cliff that'll be on your right hand side. Go past Cold Shivers approx. 1 more mile to the next left hand turn which is DS Road. There's a small sign showing Glade Park is 5 more miles. Glade Park is for the most part, a small grocery store with not much except for snacks, pop, beer and fishing worms. They ran out of gas about 6 months ago so make sure you're prepared before driving up the Monument.

Small Tip: At the Colorado National Monument entrance where you pay to enter, simply tell the Ranger you're headed to Glade Park and they'll let you in for Free.

From the Glade Park Store keep heading forward on the same road. You'll see mile marker #20 right outside of town. Keep going until you see mile marker #13. Take a left on the "next gravel road" marked 9.8 road). Go down the gravel road approx. 2 miles until you see a house on your right side. Just before the house there's a small gravel road that's not marked but well traveled. Take a right on that road. Keep following approx. 1/4 mile until it dead ends. Park There.

Follow the main hiking trail heading towards the river. Hike about 1/4 mile and you'll start hearing the waterfalls from a long distance away. Keep following the sound and you'll soon be standing directly over the Pot Holes.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!!!


  1. I just tried finding this place and there is no 9.5 road.

  2. Here are more specific directions on how to get there with distances in miles.

    Follow the guide above and get to Glade Park. I think the gas station that's up there has maps to the pot holes I'm not sure if they do anymore but here we go.

    From that intersection in glade park head west on DS Rd and travel about 8 miles and you will see 9 8/10 rd on your left.

    Get on that road and travel south about 2.4 miles and you will come to a dirt road on your right. This is right before the house mentioned above.

    Take a right on that dirt road and follow it for about a 1/4 mile untill it dead ends.

    Once you find a parking spot follow the trail on the other side of the boulders that you came to when the road dead end. Walk until you hear the falls then just basically walk towards that sound and there you are!

    Hopes this helps anyone else trying to find them. Have fun and please be safe out there!

  3. Very good directions. Mapped the GPS coordinates with a handheld. Note you may loose cell coverage a few miles from the swimming hole so either download the map via google app or use a standalone GPS device: https://www.google.com/maps/place/38%C2%B057'55.3%22N+108%C2%B052'31.9%22W/@38.96535,-108.8755333,725m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

  4. How many people have died up there in the last 20 years?

  5. the people that live within a mile really enjoy the friggin loud music, pot smoking, and human excrement that visitors leave there. Many deaths over the years

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  7. Too many have died and smoking pot on BLM land with get you a federal charge as it isn't legal federally. This is a residential area of large properties not a recreational area for abuse of the outdoors.


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